Know The Nagas

  • 10 nights / 11 days

Tour Itinerary


On arrival you will meet SSTT representative and start on your road journey to Sonari.

Night stay: Sonari


After breakfast, we will leave for Mon. Mon is a district in the state of Nagaland and is situated at an altitude of 898 mtrs. It is the home of the Konyak Nagas. Here, you will see the people with tattooed faces and wearing feathers. The natives are adept artisans and skilled craftsmen. In Mon you will be impressed by the excellent wood carvings. The fare of Aoling Monyu is one of the famous festivals of Mon which is celebrated in the first week of April every year. During festivals, the males wear colorful shawls and headgear decorated with feathers and dance with daos or spears chanting rhythmically. The Dynasty of Konyaks was ruled by hereditary chiefs known as Anghs. The Angh's house is the largest in the village with a display of skulls in the front.

Later, transfer to the guest house.

Night stay: Mon


Today, we will have a full day excursion to Shangnyu village. True and rich tradition is seen here where people are still not touched by the modern ways of living. It is the most prominent village in the Mon district and ruled by its chief Angh. Here we will meet with village folk and see their way of life. We will also visit the Angh’s Palace, 8 feet in height and 12 feet in breadth - believed to be constructed by heavenly angels. Carvings of human beings and other creatures are engraved on this monument. Later return to Mon.

Night stay: Mon


After breakfast, we will leave for Mokokchung - the Home of the Ao Naga tribe. The district of Mokokchung is entirely inhabited by this tribe. It is the cultural nerve centre of the tribe and is economically and politically the most important urban centre in northern Nagaland. Chuchuyimlang is the village of festivals for the Ao Nagas. The Moatsu festival, based on community bonding, takes place here from the first of May till the third. During this period, the villagers expressed their friendship towards villagers by exchanging gifts making new alliances, renewing old ties etc. On arrival, check into the guest house. 

Night stay: Mokokchung


Today, we will have an excursion to Ungma and Longkhum villages followed by a drive to Tuophema.

Longkhum: The village is known for scenic beauty. During springs, the Rhododendrons adorn the hillocks and its surroundings, providing an astounding sight in full bloom. According to an old Nagas, "a single visit to Longkhum is not enough, for your soul stays behind the first time and you have to return there once more to get it back". This saying springs from the fact. Here one will have the chance to visit its exquisite ethnic handlooms & handicrafts.

Ungma: This is the oldest and the largest of all the Ao villages and the second largest village on Nagal. Located about 3 km from Mokokchung Town, Ungma occupies a unique position in the history of the Ao Nagas, for it is said that the whole Ao tribe founded this village when they first entered the land from their ancestral Home at Chungliyimti. The place is considered to be a living museum of the traditions of the tribe. Further, we will drive to Tuophema village. On arrival, check into the ethnic tourist cottages built in the Angami Naga style. 

Night stay: Touphema


This morning, we will go for a full day excursion to the nearby enchanting places. We will start with the visit to the Touphema village. The village has a conserved area where one can trek and get an exhilarating experience. The Angami Sekrenyi festival a festival of purification is celebrated here between 25-27 February of every year. It is believed that the purified water washes away the diseases and misfortunes.

Further, we will drive to Khonoma village, a place renowned for its valour and courage. The Khonoma gate tells the story of British infiltration into Naga Hills. In the evening, return to Kohima the capital city of State Nagaland.

Night stay: Kohima


Full day sightseeing around Kohima and visiting to villages like the Bara Basti and Kisama. Further, we will visit the Second World War Memorial. In 1944 during the Second World War the allied forces fought a bloody but victorious battle against the Japanese. A war cemetery has been built in the heart of the city where the battle took place in order to honour the memories of the soldiers. The War Cemetery in Kohima has the famous inscription "When You Go Home, Tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, We Gave Our Today” for the undoubting courage displayed by the war heroes in order to preserve the freedom of the future generation.

Here, we will also visit the State Museum at Bayani Hill. The Museum will provide once the various aspects of Naga Culture. It displays the lifestyle of the Naga tribes, there Artifacts, handlooms, & Handicrafts, Tools & Implements, Gems & Jewellery, Coins & Ancient weaponry, which shows the rich Culture and Heritage of its native. Later, return to the hotel. 

Night stay: Kohima


In the morning after breakfast at the hotel, we will leave for the longest journey to Jorhat. On arrival at Jorhat, check into the tea bungalow / hotel. 

Night stay: Jorhat


We will awake a little early and will have a quick breakfast. After breakfast, drive to the Nimati Gahat, the ferry point for Majuli. On reaching, board the ferry for Majuli, the biggest River Island in the world and seat of Vaishnavite monasteries. You will cross the mighty Brahmaputra on a ferry to reach this historic Island. On arrival, check into the tourist rest house.


After freshening up visit the satras and admire the close proximity of nature that thrills. In the evening, we will go on village walk through the villages of Majuli to relish the warmth of the natives and their typical way of life. Most of the natives of Majuli practices agriculture, fishing and weaving. They are also indulged in boat making, dairy farming, pottery and handloom. The weaving is particularly delicate, making use of a whole range of colours in cotton and silk which found only in Assam. 

Night stay: Majuli


In the morning drive to the Ferry point to board the ferry back to the Nimati Ghat. On arrival drive to Guwahati.

Night stay: Guwahati


After breakfast check out from hotel and drop at Guwahati airport