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Are you planning for MEGHALAYA this year?

Do include the most beautiful three steps waterfall ‘WEI SAWDONG in your bucket list.

Mystique, mesmerizing, beautiful, crystal clear waterfall is situated in CHERRAPUNJEE, which is also known as SOHRA in the beautiful India State of Meghalaya in North East India. It is around approx58km from the capital city of Meghalaya that will take 1:30hrs. approximately from SHILLONG to WEI SAWDONG waterfall. It is much better if you stay in CHERRAPUNJEE as it takes less time i.e. 35 to 45 minutes to reach ‘WEI SAWDONG. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced from nature. This is beautiful beyond expression. However, it tests your physical ability to enjoy the view. Physically fit is needed to trek down to the waterfall as there are no proper stairs and it’s a steep 70-90 degree difficult trek. The local villagers have made the path and stairs using bamboo trees and roots.

‘Abode of clouds’ Meghalaya is one of the heaviest rainfall area in the World and WEI SAWDONG is one of the best waterfalls in North East India. It get its name because it looks like a pool – ‘Weiand ‘Sawdongmeans a square shape. A green color of clear sparking water make this waterfall unique. The three tier waterfall is best accessible in winters as the place is very slippery in monsoon. However, it’s going to be completely worth it as the sight is absolutely mesmerizing. ‘Wei Sawdong falls is one of the most endearing phenomena of nature which we cannot avoid. There is a hidden message in every waterfall. Just let- go- and fall like a little waterfall. I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall. Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself. Waterfalls are nothing short of magnificent! Whether you’re standing in front of a small fall or big fall you encountered in the woods or ‘Wei Sawdong falls, there is something both so peaceful and powerful about all the rushing water!!! If you look through the waterfalls picture, it is filled with gorgeous shots of waterfalls of every size and shape.

So, if you are planning for Meghalaya, do visit the most outstanding pristine waterfall of North-East India.



Adventure admist the Beauty of Nature, Dainthlenwaterfall named after a fabled demon snake. The splendor of Dainthlenwaterfall is enhanced by the presence of large number of nature potholes, much bigger in size and dimension than the regular one’s on the metallic roads. The view of this waterfalls tumbling down from a height of 80 – 90meter and provides a good opportunity to follow the path all the way to the bottom. There is a legend associated with the name of this fall. Some of the marks present on the stones are still reminiscent of the violent struggle of that snake. The turbulence of this fall gathers a lot of steam during the monsoons compared to the rest of the year.

The Dainthlen waterfall is a famous crowd- puller in the city. It is easily accessible by roads and is associated with a legend that speaks of how the locals had killed a python by the name of THLEN who was drenched in greed and power that had been living nearby the spot and terrorizing villagers. The natural rock carvings close-by the waterfalls, where the snake had been killed, symbolizes evil, greed, corruption and attracts tourists at large. It is soft and does not produce any roaring sound when it falls from a height which is not too steep either. It is best suited for nature lovers, photography buffs.


Dainthlenwaterfall  is approximately 5km away from Cherrapunjee. One could opt to stay at the SA - I-MIKA PARK which is close by the attraction.

The months of September and October are extensively preferred for exploring atCherrapunjee.


NOHKALIKAI WATERFALL(Tallest Plunge Waterfall):

Nohkalikaiwaterfall is the highest waterfalls in India. Gushing down from a height of 1115 feet(340meters). This waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Cherrapunjee, one of the wettest placein the Earth. Drive through a high table land, hike for a small distance and you arrive at the viewpoint from where you can have a panoramic view of the Nohkalikai waterfall, cascading down into a pool- like formation. Monsoon is the best time to visit Nohkalikai when the falls are in their full form. From the viewing gallery, tourists can not only enjoy a panoramic view of the waterfalls but also the foggy, the lust surroundings. A fleet of stairs take you to other view.













Shocking story behind the naming of this waterfall.NOHKALIKAI, in local Khasi tribe’s language means the leap of ‘Likai’. It is believed that a woman named KaLikaiwas a widow and had a daughter. She remarried so that her daughter can have the love of a father, on the contrary her new husband hated the daughter as KaLikai gave all her time to her child. Once when she was away from work, he killed the little girl and cooked her flesh as meal. When KaLikai was back from work, she was astonished not see her daughter around but was happy that her husband had cooked a delicious meal for her. Satisfied that her daughter would be out with friends, she enjoyed the food as she was so much hungry. Later, as she picked up the betel nuts basket she found her daughter fingers in it. Just image as amother, she eat her precious daughter, filled with sadness, rumor, and grief, she rushed to the cliff and threw herself down. And, so the fall was named after her ‘NOHKALIKAI WATERFALL’.



What a spectacular sight it is to see water gushing from unbelievable heights into the valley. The pleasant bickering, the pristine water and the lust verdant rolling slopes makes for the most gorgeous jaw- dropping sites. Mighty waterfalls testify the wonderful works of nature. Their beauty, energy, sound and madness is an inspiration to the summer, get ready to spectate the most breath taking vistas of nature.

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The one that offer adventurous, these waterfalls will delight the traveller in you! If you’re planning on outing to the state, don’t miss out on this natural wonder. Mawsawawaterfall in Cherrapunjee can be best viewed on a clear sunny day. On other days, it remains shrouded in heavy clouds. The view or this fall is splendid. Taking a deep breath on the first look of this beautiful place, it feels like out of romantic novel place with clouds forming over the fall. Mawsawa fall is good as meditation calmness in the place. It takes around 44min (15Km) from Cherrapunjee. Trekking down the falls about (5–10min), water flows over a vertical drop.

The power of nature is in the glorious beauty that lies within. Visiting a waterfall is one of the most unique experiences ever. The view of foamy water falling over the rocks, gushing into a pool leaving you in a mist of freshness is something that can only be described when you witness a waterfall for the first time. One will really feel like heaven when you’ll be in Cherrapunjee during monsoon season. The spectacular feeling of fresh falling mist on the face and a gaze at the pure majesty of the natural world is a worthwhile way to spend a day, period. It may not be the biggest fall but its beauty is the reason that will attract you towards it. During the season the fall is in full vigour and even the locals cannot resist to get one glimpse of the mighty fall.

The falls are a slight to behold especially if you go there in the monsoon, when the fall is in full flow, water falling down from a height forms clouds of milky foam at the bottom, creating a visual of aesthetic beauty. Set amidst the crescent shaped valley carpeted with lush green, the falls are a perfect get way for your trip. Seeing a waterfall would be the most beautiful scene on this world, its natural beauty and soothing effect is always exceptionally terrific for almost everyone. The beauty and charisma of this waterfall is so immense that no one can resist saying ‘wow’!

Here are some breathtaking waterfalls photos for your inspiration.




Explore the blue expanse of waterfalls with great views of JAINTIA Hills!

The KRANG SURI waterfall is one such popular falls, located about 30Km from Jowai in the district of West Jaintia Hills.

The wonderful place, through the path leading to the KRANG SURI waterfall visitors has to cross a forest amidst slippery stone steps that ends to the giant cascade. Through the path, a top view of the giant waterfall could also be seen from a nearby view point on the way and can see the silky cascades of crystal clear water flow all through the forest and further culminating in the small waterfalls. With waterfalls as blue as the sky itself, the KRANG SURI fall is one of the most appealing waterfalls of MEGHALAYA. The greenish- blue tint of the waterfall is breathtaking! Go for a dip at the plunge pool. The KRANG SURI waterfall is indeed a majestic place to visit in the summer. The colour of the plunge pool is what startles everyone. It is the most gorgeous shade of deep, copper sulphate blue. The overall ambience of the place can be related to a wonderland right through a Hollywood film. A least explored place and perfect offbeat destination and very few tourists venturing here.

KRANG SURI waterfall is simply breathtaking!

Do not miss it, if you are anywhere in the MEGHALAYA.

It is extremely popular because of its mesmerizing deep blue sulphate colour. The jungle with eternal greenery around KRANG SURI has made the destination extremely popular. Abundantly blessed by nature, the waterfall is God’s own creation. The beauty is indescribable. Ones, who visit KRANG SURI, will always wish to visit it again and again.


It carries an un-described mystery and a story with it. The historical narrative behind the waterfall is hardly known to anyone. But, the records talks about KRANG SURI at the time of the erstwhile JAINTIA KINGDOM. The lethal weapons of the JAINTIA kings were always hidden at KRANG SURI.

The JAINTIA KINGDOM was a monarchy set up by the tribal king. PRABHAT RAY (1500-1516) in present day BANGLADESH and parts of the hills of present day North East India. During the 335 years of rule of the JAINTIA kings, KRANG SURI was always the secluded natural arsenal.

The location of the hidden arsenal was known to the only few local commanders of the tribal army. Every time before the battle, the loyal commanders used to visit KRANG SURI to collect their weapons. Even today, very few people, including the tribal JAINTIA people, know very little about the hidden arsenal at KRANG SURI, it is still a mystery. Behind the KRANG SURI waterfall, there is still an ancient cave. Oral historians claim the lethal weapons which the Jaintia kings usually stored at that place were ‘Sickle- Shaped’.

‘’KRANG” means “krem or cave” and “SURI” means “sickle- shaped weapons”. SURI in PNAR dialect usually means “wolf”. So a lot of people believed that KRANG SURI was a waterfall infested with wolves. People usually visit KRANG SURI waterfall for its beauty. But let us remind that there is a hidden arsenal story of the Jaintia kings.

How to reach KrangSuri:

By road: To reach KrangSuri Waterfall, it takes approx. 2hrs37min (91 km) from Shillong.

By air: Nearest airport is Shillong Airport. It isapprox. 2 hrs 30 min (97.3 km via Shillong Bypass) from Shillong Airport.

By train: Nearest railway station is Guwahati Railway Station. It is approx 4 hrs 43 min (185 km) from Guwahati city.

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